Aluminum Doors

Choose aluminum for a strong and lightweight door

Aluminum doors are known for their strength, rigidity and insulation. While they are typically thought of as strictly industrial, aluminum doors and windows can also have certain decorative elements, like paneled embossing and painted trim, that make them more pleasing for residential use. The foam-injected (or alternate) insulation used in residential aluminum doors can also help you save on your electric bill and keep your home more secure.

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Aluminum Entry Doors

While their security and efficiency have made aluminum doors and windows an industry standard for businesses, more people are seeing how that security and efficiency can make the leap into beautiful and welcoming residential doors and windows. For instance, aluminum makes a sturdy frame for one of the most elegant home entry choices, the glass door. Aluminum screen doors are also common and can be used in addition to a glass or wood entry door.

The advantages of choosing aluminum doors in your home over more traditional choices are many. Aluminum clad entry doors won't warp the way wood doors can, and they are easy to maintain because of the metal's natural resistance to rotting and pests. Also, unlike with wood doors, there is no need to refinish aluminum.

In addition, aluminum is extremely versatile: it can be shaped to fit odd doorways, customized with embossing and painted just about any color you'd like.

Aluminum sliding patio doors are another great way to incorporate aluminum doors into your home. As with entry doors, these doors tend to be composed mainly of glass or screen with aluminum providing the supporting framework.

Aluminum Storm Doors

Aluminum storm doors have typically been used to protect the entry door, provide energy savings and raise curb appeal. Aluminum is still the material of choice for storm doors for its strength, corrosion resistance and insulating properties.

When looking for an aluminum storm door, check how much sun the door is likely to get. If the door will receive a lot of direct sunlight, you'll want to avoid one with glass in it, since the glass can trap heat, harming your entry door.

Aluminum Dog Doors

Finally, for the furry members of your family, check out aluminum dog doors. These mount either in an entry door or in an exterior wall and provide your pet the freedom to come and go as it pleases. The aluminum frame stands up to the elements and any rough treatment from your pet, while the heavy flap provides a weather-tight seal between your pet's comings and goings.