Fiberglass Doors

The benefits of fiberglass exterior doors

While over the years, it was common to see houses with wood or steel exterior doors, fiberglass entry doors are becoming more and more popular with new homebuilders and homeowners alike. Fiberglass is a plastic material composed of embedded glass fibers, giving the material a reinforced finish. Not only are they durable and made to last, but fiberglass doors can also be fashioned and designed to resemble wood.

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Benefits of fiberglass

Many people prefer the overall classic look of a door with a wood finish. Unfortunately, wood doors can easily soak up moisture, spawning mold and causing the door to warp over time. Even in dry climates, they can peel and crack due to the heat of the sunny weather. The cost of refinishing and re-staining a door with a wood finish can become costly and tiresome over time. Meanwhile, steel is another option, and while steel doors can be inexpensive and sturdy, many people find themselves dissatisfied with the inability to customize and match a steel door to a house composed of wood or painted to a homeowner's liking. A fiberglass door will not only withstand the wear and tear from constant seasonal changes such as temperature and moisture, but can also be customized to look like wood and better match a specific design.

Because fiberglass exterior doors are composed of thin glass fiber filaments which are woven and bonded with plastic resins, the doors can be built to virtually any shape, not limiting the homeowner to what could be a small choice of wooden or steel doors. Even when considering selling a home, installing fiberglass exterior doors can definitely increase the curb appeal of a house due to the versatility, design, and durability that a fiberglass door delivers.

While fiberglass doors have many advantages, the decision to install one is one that should be considered carefully, due to the inability to sand or easily repair a fiberglass door. Nonetheless, to have a door that requires very little overall maintenance and will not need to be replaced for many years to come is a wonderful and beneficial addition to almost any home.