Garage Doors

All about residential garage doors

Many people, when buying or designing a house, give a lot of thought to choosing elements such as paint color, front door style, window treatments, or floor treatments to make their home unique. An often overlooked but widely used item is the residential garage door. Garages are found in just about any home, and frequently used to store not only vehicles, but items such as tools, family treasures, and machinery. The decision on what sort of garage door will be used to keep those items safe should be considered carefully and with proper research.

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There are four standard types of material that compose most garage doors: steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Steel is considered one of the most durable and popular materials due to its low maintenance, its ability to provide wonderful insulation and to withstand over time without warping or bending, and because it can be custom-designed to resemble many textures and wood. While wood garage doors are also popular, they typically require the most maintenance; though can be customized easily with various finishes or paint colors.

Tilt-up vs. sectional roll-down garage doors

There are several different types of residential garage doors, but the most popular two styles are the tilt-up and the sectional roll-down garage doors. These are not only the most economical, but also the most widely used and practical. Other styles, such as the carriage or barn styles, are typically custom garage doors, made to fit a specific and unique shape.

When deciding between a tilt-up and a rolling garage door, there are several things to consider. Sectional roll down doors are split into at least four sections. These sections are attached and then place on rollers which run on a track, allowing the door to move parallel to the ceiling. The biggest advantage to this style is the extra space you gain, and it isn't necessary to move a car every time you open and close it. Sectional roll-downs are also sometimes considered easier to open than tilt-ups.

The tilt-up garage doors, also known as roll-up garage doors, are simply one large piece attached to metal hinge arms. They tilt and open outward, rather than rolling up and against the ceiling. This type of door is typically more affordable than the roll-downs,

Both tilt-up and roll-down doors are manual, so many opt instead to go for a mechanical garage door for ease of both mind and labor.