Glass Doors

Everything you need to know about glass doors

Glass doors give guests a window into your home — transparent or almost transparent glass gives a welcoming and appealing impression. But while there is no doubt that glass doors can be beautiful, there is a misconception that a glass entry door is fragile and won't provide the safety most homeowners desire. In fact, however, glass doors can be just as safe as exterior doors made from other materials.

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Exterior Glass Doors

Most glass doors consist of large panels of heavy-duty glass fit inside a frame of some other material, usually wood, metal, wrought iron or even steel. The most important elements to look for in an exterior entry door are a solid door frame and a good door lock, both of which you can find on a glass door.

Decorative glass doors are similar to regular glass doors in design, but rather than a simple pane of glass, they include colored or treated glass with the frame. From stained glass doors to etched and sandblasted art glass doors, you've got a wide variety of beautiful and functional options to choose from.

No glass will be truly opaque — there will always be at least a blurry outline visible through the pane — but you can maximize your privacy by choosing the highest opacity of glass possible. In many cases, the more decorative a glass is, the less transparent it is.

Frameless glass doors are made entirely out of a sheet of glass and are typically used only for interior doors because of their fragility. Their ultimate transparency makes the perfect front to a display cabinet or an excellent transition between a kitchen and dining area. They're also excellent for shower and tub enclosures.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door is a beautiful, convenient and common means of separating indoor and outdoor living space and providing a grand yet functional entrance to a deck or patio. Patio glass doors create the illusion that the outdoor space is part of the home, and they allow you to enjoy natural sunlight even when indoors.

One of the advantages of glass doors over other door materials is how easy glass is to clean. All you need is a regular glass or window cleaner to keep your glass door looking brilliant and beautiful. (Stained glass or other decorative glass types may require special cleaning products.)