Screen Doors

Keep the bugs out with a screen door

Screen doors are one of the best ways to enjoy the natural warmth, light, breezes and sounds from the outside while still maintaining a pest-free environment in your home. With the wide variety of screen doors available, you can find one for almost any home, from a traditional country cottage to the most modern of houses.

Common Screen Door Styles

Screen doors don't have to be the plain swinging variety often found behind front doors. They come in many styles and can be used in many areas throughout the home. One of the most popular styles is sliding screen doors, which are often used to separate homes and patios. Sliding along a track on the threshold, these doors often open wider than traditional hinged doors, allowing greater access for larger items such as furniture. They also remain open without the use of a prop, making it easier to carry things (e.g., a plate of food) through them. For these reasons, sliding doors work especially well as patio screen doors.

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Of course, hinged screen doors are still extremely popular additions to exterior doors at the front, back or even side of a house. Traditionally, these doors had metal frames, but today they are also available in wood. Wooden screen doors can be easily painted or varnished to match the rest of your home. They can also be carved or embellished to create truly custom screen doors that reflect your home's décor or your own personal interests.

Non-Traditional Screen Doors

For those who prefer a cleaner, more contemporary look, retractable screen doors stay hidden until they are needed. The screen is kept inside a housing, which typically mounts along one side of the door jamb, and slides out to cover the door when needed. Because they don't require a frame, retractable screen doors are ideal for contemporary homes or for those who want to take the fullest possible advantage of their door space.

Retractable screen doors are generally more expensive than traditional screen doors, but because they are housed when not in use, they aren't as susceptible to dirt and weather damage, so they tend to last longer.

While retractable screen doors have almost no framework, security screen doors have additional framework to give an extra layer of protection to your home. Unlike typical screen doors that are mostly screen and just have a small frame of wood or metal, security screen doors are heavier doors that have only small sections of screen — just enough to give some airflow control but not enough to make the door vulnerable to unwanted entry.