Wood Doors

Learn more about wood doors for your home

When choosing exterior doors for your home, you want to make sure the door is high quality, highly resilient to weather and other outside forces, and built to last. For hundreds of years, front doors were most often hardwood doors, and for good reason — they are heavy, solid and weather-resistant.

Choosing and Customizing Your Wooden Door

Not only have wood entry doors been used for years because of their sturdiness, but they can also be highly decorative and present a natural warmth and richness that you don't get from fiberglass, steel or aluminum doors. The variety of woods available for creating exterior wooden doors allows for several colors and grain patterns to choose from. Mahogany, oak, walnut, hemlock, pine, juniper and cherry are the most commonly used for exterior doors because of their inherent strength. Mahogany doors are especially popular because they are naturally resistant to rot, hold stains and finishes well and turn darker when exposed to sunlight.

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In addition to their strength and beauty, wood doors are typically available in whatever shape your doorway is and can be further customized through door hardware, paints and stains, carvings or glass placement. Etched or frosted glass windows inside a solid wood frame create a traditionally welcoming look and can be made to match any style or home decor. Moldings — decorative designs usually made out of the same wood as the door — are another way to customize your home.

Maintaining Your Wooden Door

Wooden doors do require some extra maintenance to keep them in top condition, and if you live in a hurricane or tornado-prone area, you'll have to make sure the door meets local code requirements.

To keep any solid wood door looking new, make sure you dust the door regularly to prevent it from absorbing and holding moisture. If you apply furniture polish, make sure you remove any excess polish and wipe the door down thoroughly.

Adding a Wood Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are usually not solid wood doors; they generally consist of a variety of materials. First, a layer of wood is mounted on an invisible steel backbone, which in turn is connected to the hardware that the door moves upon. A layer of insulation is laid on this wood to keep out the cold and any other harmful elements, and then, finally, another layer of wood is put on top of the insulation to enclose it and give the door the appearance of solid wood. This outer layer can then be stained or painted to match the other exterior doors of the home.