Exterior Lighting

Garden lighting ideas

Exterior lighting serves several functions: it helps you and your guests enjoy your patio at night, supplements your exterior decor and helps keep your home secure. Given the virtually endless selection of outdoor lighting products available on the market, you're free to use your creativity to create an exterior lighting design that's uniquely suited to your home.

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General Outdoor Lighting Tips

For an easy and attractive landscape lighting solution, use lanterns. They're simple to place in attractive patterns that lead the eye, and you also have the flexibility to place them close to the ground or elevated on poles to create the effect you desire.

If you're creating a garden lighting arrangement, choose positions for your outdoor lighting fixtures that will highlight key features of your garden while making it easy to navigate in the dark. Typically, people only illuminate the paths leading through their gardens, but you can also incorporate lighting into the body of your garden to create unique effects.

Pool lighting poses unique challenges, as creating a safe environment is one of its prime objectives. Fiber optics are favored for pool lighting because there are no electrical setups involved – a boon when you're dealing with water.

Post lights and rail lights are popular deck lighting solutions. They're easy to integrate into almost any deck structure and provide varying degrees of illumination that let you create moods ranging from bright to subdued.

Finally, save money by choosing low-voltage products for all your exterior lighting needs. Over time, you'll save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your energy bill simply by using bulbs with decreased wattage. You could also install solar lights to help reduce costs.

Exterior Lighting Products for Specific Applications

If you need to illuminate large areas of your yard to perform work or maintenance after sunset, floodlights are an excellent solution. They're transportable, lightweight and provide a far-reaching blanket of bright light that makes any job easier.

Motion-sensing lights make valuable additions to your home security initiatives. Thieves rely on darkness when executing break-ins, and it's impossible for them to hide if the perimeter of your home is outfitted with security lights that turn on when motion is detected.

Whether they're chosen for a specific function or simply to add character to your home, exterior lighting is a crucial part of landscape design. Given the wide range of products available on the market, it's easy to be creative while staying within your budget.