Deck Lighting

Patio lighting options

Decks and patios are for families who love the outdoors, and there's no reason you should be able to enjoy these parts of your home only during the daytime. With the proper deck lighting, you can also enjoy your slice of the outdoors after dark. Specially installed deck and patio lighting can transform your deck from someplace ordinary to your own personal retreat – it's worth it to look into specific lighting to enhance your patio or deck.

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Outdoor Deck Lighting

When shopping for a deck lighting scheme, consider whether you want to use your deck lights to add beauty and dimension to your deck, or if you want your deck lights to be as unobtrusive as possible to make room for your patio furniture and outdoor chairs. Your deck lighting can include decorative elements placed along posts and fixtures, or recessed lighting that's subtle and out-of-the-way.

Putting lights atop your posts creates an evocative lantern-style look that can light the path up your stairs and help visitors around your deck. Of course, these are available in a number of styles and colors that you can match with the style and color of your deck, from gothic wrought iron to modern glass and aluminum. Recessed step lights give are very popular with decks that lead to swimming pools, and create a warm yet moody glow throughout your yard.

LED deck lights are growing in popularity because they transmit low heat and use less energy than traditional lights. Light-emitting diodes have a far longer life than traditional light bulbs, thus also creating less waste. Another alternative is solar deck lights, which save you even more by soaking up energy from the sun and transferring it to light during the evening.

Patio Lighting

You should take advantage of the room your patio offers to really accentuate the beautiful lighting available for it. Anchor your lights on the perimeter of your patio if the actual area itself is too small or cramped with furniture. Post lanterns are a popular choice. Look at the other elements in and around your patio – do you have a fountain or a pool that could house the lighting? Alternately, string lights help you visually connect one element to another and can help focus attention on your decorative centerpieces.

A variety of hanging fixtures and wall sconces are popular when used as patio lights because of the additional beauty and dimension they bring to the rest of the room.