Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting to guide the way

One of the best ways to create a dramatic effect in your yard and really draw attention to your home is to utilize landscape lighting to light up parts of your lawn and garden and accent the parts of your home that you are most proud of. Outdoor landscape lighting can really give your home curb appeal, and is especially great for holidays such as Christmas, but many people use garden lighting as a way to highlight parts of their garden and home that they want seen. As well, it's a perfect solution to dark summer nights -- landscape lighting can allow you to sit out and enjoy yourself long after the sun goes down, and pool lighting is a great way to swim for hours after dark.

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Types of landscape lighting

There are many different types of landscape lighting available for your home and yard. Most people prefer low voltage landscape lighting, as it cuts down on energy costs and looks great edging walkways and gardens. Some people use this type of lighting as porch lighting or garage lighting, but more often you can see spotlights and rope lighting. The lights themselves can come in different styles to match your taste. Some lights use traditional incandescent bulbs, but LED lighting is popular because it lasts longer and takes less voltage, cutting down on your energy bills.

Solar lighting has lately been popular with landscapers, because it doesn't need a power connection to work. The lanterns have a solar panel which collects light and then burns for 6-8 hours through the night. Most garden lanterns collect light through the day, even on cloudy days, which allows the lights to burn without interruption through the night.

Architectural landscape lighting refers to lighting that highlights and is mounted on an architectural point of your home. Many lights can be installed in your garden or on your lawn to do this. Spotlights are popular, but some people prefer colored lighting that resembles garden statues. Landscape lighting fixtures are normally relatively easy to install and come with all the hardware you need.

If you want to ensure your house is the most interesting on your block, consider landscape lighting to really draw attention and create curb appeal.