Use outdoor lanterns to accent your yard

While landscape lighting is a wonderful way to accent your yard as a whole, many people prefer other forms of lighting for tete-a-tetes or small get togethers on their patio or by their pool. Garden lanterns are the perfect way to create this calm, glowing atmosphere. They are typically small lights that can be hung or placed on tables to create soft lighting, but garden lanterns can also be seen in rope lighting or string lighting. Many people enjoy the effect they make -- they can brighten a dark garden and create a magical, interesting atmosphere for parties or simply summer dinners.

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Types of outdoor lanterns

There are many types of outdoor lanterns available to be bought in big box and outdoor living stores. Candle lanterns are the cheapest and often the most pretty. These can be hung on the wall or placed on tables -- some are even big enough to sit right on the patio floor or by the pool. They are lit often with tea lights, but can also use votives. Some are also citronella based to keep away flies and mosquitoes.

Other lanterns include antique lanterns that may burn kerosene or oil. Some people prefer scented oils in this case because it can enhance and relax their experience. Most lanterns feature different styles and scrollwork, and can be conversation pieces and works of art in themselves.

Some lanterns utilize solar power, which is collected by a solar panel somewhere on the lantern's case. Lanterns can burn for up to 8 hours and the panel will collect light even on cloudy or rainy days, causing no interruption in the light for when you need it to turn on at night. Finally, some lanterns plug into an outlet to light up. These are indoor/outdoor lanterns, generally, and work just as well as indoor lighting, but are durable enough to be outside, too.

Garden lanterns provide a beautiful way to light your patio and pool areas without breaking the bank or using a lot of energy. They are available at most stores and in many different styles to suit your needs.