Swimming Pool Lighting

Use pool lighting for a stunning effect

Adding a swimming pool to any home can not only create fun family memories for years to come, but it can also add to the curb appeal and value to just about any dwelling. When choosing a pool, many people consider whether or not to install an in-ground or above-ground pool, what sort of shape they'd like it to be, and how to customize it to their liking. One design element that people seem to overlook is swimming pool lighting.

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Not only can swimming pool lights add a certain look of beauty of your pool, but having pool lights can also extend your swimming and entertaining time. Rather than feel limited to swimming only during the day, pool lights allow you to enjoy nighttime swimming as well, opening up a host of opportunities for evening pool parties as well. Pool lighting can create a special kind of ambiance, giving off an almost hypnotic glow as the lights reflect and move along with the water. This can easily upgrade any pool in style and luxury, and paired with landscape lighting, your yard can look quite dramatic.

Different kinds of pool lighting

There are a variety of different pool lighting styles available. Both underwater pool lights and above water pool lights are available, as well as different colors, shapes, and even lights that run off various power sources. You can even set pool lights on a timer, to not only make this feature completely hands-free, but also to save on electricity. By using a timer, you can extend the life of your bulbs and avoid accidentally leaving the lights on, which will cut down on costs over time. Solar or rechargeable pool lights are also available, which typically float on the surface of the water.

Many underwater lights are made to hook onto the side of the pool, and both above water and underwater pool lights are typically very easy to install. Fiber-optic pool lighting is also a fantastic option if you're looking for rope-style lighting or a multi-colored fun style of lighting.

Regardless of your style, pool lighting is a wonderful and smart addition to any pool.