Home and garden gate solutions

If you've been flip-flopping back and forth about whether or not putting an automatic gate on your property is worth the hassle, consider the fact that these gates increase outdoor safety for children while enhancing your home's security and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Security Gates

Children are impulsive and they act without thinking. They won't hesitate to dash out into the street after a ball or pet. You might not even want to think about predators sneaking onto your property to lure children away, but unfortunately, things like this happen every day. As a parent, investing in automatic gates is a surefire way to keep kids in the yard and intruders out. Kids can't open automatic gates without the appropriate codes or remotes, and built-in safety features keep kids from being trapped in the gates when they close.

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Electric gates increase property values. If you ever decide to resell your home, a well-maintained electric gate can drive the sale price up, essentially making the investment pay for itself (and then some).

Criminals rarely want to work hard to gain entry to a home, so they typically bypass houses with automatic gates. They give your home increased security from intruders and are an excellent supplement to home door security. Also, security cameras can be easily mounted on electric gates for added protection. Electric gates can be set to close automatically after a specified amount of time, so if you accidentally forget to close the gate, you won't have to worry or rush back home to close it.

Automatic gates offer remote-control capabilities that can be activated from your house or car. You never have to hop out of your vehicle or leave the warmth of your home just to unlock your gate.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children under the age of five. So safety gates that close and latch automatically are a must for families with backyard swimming pools. But remember, any electronic device can malfunction, so even though safety gates are designed to close automatically, always double-check to be certain.

Types of Security Gates

The most popular types of electric gates are made of wrought iron, steel or wood. Both steel gates and wrought iron gates are durable, weather-resistant and will last for years. However, iron gates are heavier and are prone to rusting. Wooden gates are beautiful, long-lasting and provide homeowners with plenty of privacy from nosy neighbors. However, wooden gates absorb water, and are prone to warping and decay.

Overall, automatic gates are great investments for homeowners, as they are convenient, beautiful and they improve the safety of your home and family.