Outdoor Furniture

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The right outdoor furniture is the key to getting maximal enjoyment out of your yard or patio. Garden designers and retailers stress that buying outdoor patio furniture isn't something you should do on a whim. It's important to make a detailed analysis of your patio space before shopping for your outdoor garden furniture.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Garden Furniture

Begin by evaluating the features of your patio. Does it get a lot of sun, or is it shaded by large trees? Do you use the space to entertain guests, or do you want to use it as a quiet respite where you can enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper? These factors will influence the number of items you buy as well as their weight and the material they're made from.

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If you're in cramped quarters, it's absolutely essential to make detailed measurements of the space before you go shopping. If you're buying outdoor dining furniture, remember to leave ample space for guests to push their chairs back from the table and move freely around your patio.

Outdoor furniture covers are very important accessories. These will extend the life of your furniture by protecting them from both sun and water damage when they're not in use.

Finally, remember to spend some time in the store testing out the outdoor furniture. Spend a few minutes to make sure the outdoor patio furniture set that's caught your eyes is comfortable before you plunk down your cash or credit card.

Popular Outdoor Patio Furniture Materials

When it comes to outdoor furniture, material makes a huge impact. Here's an overview of the common outdoor patio furniture materials, and their benefits and drawbacks:

  • Wrought iron patio furniture. While wrought iron furniture has a very long life, it needs to be washed down at the beginning and end of each patio season. The paint is also prone to chipping, so it may need to be touched up. Wrought iron is very heavy, making it a wiser choice for patios rather than lawns or gardens.
  • Aluminum outdoor furniture. While aluminum is lighter and easier to maintain than wrought iron, it doesn't have nearly as long a life. However, it's a very good choice if you want outdoor furniture that's easily transportable from one place to another.
  • Teak outdoor furniture. While it is durable and very attractive, teak outdoor furniture tends to be very expensive. However, it is often well worth the investment if you want outdoor wood furniture, as teak lasts a very long time and doesn't need much maintenance other than easily applied protective treatments.
  • Wicker outdoor furniture. Though wicker outdoor furniture is light, attractive and easy to maintain, it doesn't withstand the elements very well. Outdoor furniture covers are must-have accessories if you elect to go with wicker.