Garden Benches

Find a garden bench to complement your landscape

Creating the perfect space outdoors is something that many homeowners dream of doing. Having garden furniture that is comfortable, functional and can stand up to the weather is very important. Garden benches are a great way to provide seating outdoors and also functionality and storage. A garden bench is a classic outdoor décor item -- it can be placed almost anywhere in your yard, and comes in many different weather-resistant materials to stand up to the elements, so you don't need to bring it inside. In short, it's a great way to provide décor in your yard without breaking the bank.

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Types of garden benches

Many people like the traditional metal and wooden garden bench that is often still seen in parks and formal gardens today. The iron and wood really look attractive, and are surprisingly comfortable. But for those that need more space in their yard, a garden storage bench is the way to go. Made of resin or wood, these benches provide a space to store small items like hoses, garden tools, patio cushions, and more. It eliminates or reduces the need for a costly garden shed, and is perfect for smaller spaces like small yards and condo balconies. Garden storage benches come in many different sizes to fit your needs.

For an elegant look that lasts, stone garden benches are a very attractive way to decorate your yard. These garden benches have an attractive, durable look, and can be surprisingly comfortable. Many people prefer to put these under trees to blend into the décor. Stone is very organic and can provide a very natural look to your décor scheme outdoors.

Where to buy garden benches

Most big box stores have inexpensive garden benches from resin to stone, in all different sizes. Some even include accessories like patio rugs and cushions to make your garden bench even more comfortable to sit on. Garden benches can be fairly expensive, but normally the higher price they are, the better quality the garden bench is, which can make it fairly easy to ensure that you have quality furniture that will last.