Get comfortable in a hammock chair

Nothing says relaxation quite like hammocks. Used as bedding for sailors and field workers for years, now hammocks are the perfect complement to your outdoor furniture set. Whether you go with a traditional hammock between two trees, or buy a hammock stand to have a freestanding hammock on your patio or by your pool, you're bound to get that afternoon nap you need with a comfortable, attractive hammock.

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Types of hammocks

Many people choose to go with a hammock that includes a freestanding hammock stand, simply because trees in their yard might be oddly or inconveniently placed for a traditional hammock. These stands are made of wood or aluminum and are easily set up. The hammock, a sling of canvas or other durable fabric, is then hung between two points on the stand. For those that don't have the space for a hammock stand, there are also hammock chairs, which offer the same idea, but in a more upright, compact form. These may be good for people with condos or apartments, with only a small balcony to put patio furniture on.

Traditional rope hammocks are those made of a "netting" of rope. They are made to support your weight through an intricate pattern of net, and can be hung on a hammock stand or between trees as you wish. These are still very popular, and tend to be one of the cheapest versions of hammocks on the market.

Hammock sizes

While traditionally hammocks were only meant for one person, or two children, now hammocks come in as many sizes as beds do. Double hammocks are becoming quite popular as places to snooze outdoors or as a way to fit more than one person on a hammock. Hammock accessories, like pillows, blankets, and other outdoor-resistant items, are also available for people who really want to relax outside in the fresh air. Some hammocks even have a way to switch out the fabric sling to one with different colors or styles to keep your porch fresh and interesting.

Hammocks are a great way to take a respite from the busy day. With lots of items to choose from, you won't have an issue finding the hammock that works for you.