Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture to spruce up your patio

Creating the perfect outdoor oasis has always been a suburbanite's dream, but now, attractive outdoor furniture and décor can be found for smaller spaces like condos and apartments, too. The trick is to find furniture that's long-lasting and striking. Teak outdoor furniture is the perfect solution. Teak is an attractive wood that is very durable. It's eco-friendly and can stand up to many different types of weather without looking worn or disintegrating like a lot of wood can. Because it won't splinter and features many natural oils, it resists rotting, which makes it perfect for year-round sitting. Teak furniture comes in many different types, which makes it easy to buy what you like.

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Types of outdoor teak furniture

There are many types of teak garden furniture available. Many people purchase loveseats or chairs with tables -- they are constructed in different styles, but often come with outdoor cushioning to make the chair much more comfortable. Paired with an outdoor rug, teak also makes perfect pool furniture.

Some people enjoy swings in the backyard. A teak swing can look very attractive and natural, and hold up to the elements well. Teak swings are very well-built and while a little more expensive, they can provide a porch swing for years to come. As well as swings, many hammocks are made of teak, as well, which provides the same quality and protection to the wood. Since outdoor furniture sees a lot of elemental action, teak is one of the best choices for lawn and garden furniture.

The price of teak patio furniture

Many people wonder why teak furniture is more expensive than most other types of lawn furniture available on the market. The price difference comes from the quality of the materials. Teak furniture comes from trees that are at least 45 years old, which has a higher concentration of oil to protect the wood. While some teak furniture is made of younger trees, this type of furniture is not as durable or high-quality, which means that it won't last as long, though it will look as attractive.

Teak is a great way to buy furniture that will last for years. Attractive teak outdoor furniture is one of the best ways to create an inviting space in your home!