Metal Roofing

Why steel roofing is a popular choice

Good quality, aesthetically appealing roofing can not only give a home excellent curb appeal, but it can also raise the resale value by quite a bit. So when a homeowner is building or renovating, choosing a roof type that will last is an important decision that should be met with plenty of consideration and research.

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Types of metal roofs

Residential metal roofing is on the rise, and is seen as both attractive and a great investment for any home. Other materials can require regular repairs, maintenance, and re-roofing, whereas metal roofing can last a lifetime. Not only can it cost less over asphalt roofing over time, but it can also help to reduce energy bills due to metal's ability to reflect heat in the summer and in sunny and hot climates. Also, they are beneficial to have in climates with a lot of rain or snow due to their ability to shed water easily. Many home insurance companies offer discounts or a reduction in prices for homes with metal roofs, due to the protection metal provides against hail, high winds, and earthquakes.

Installing metal roofing is actually a very simple process, and while there are many roofing companies that offer metal roof installation, it typically requires no expert help at all. Metal roofing panels are lightweight and pre-cut, and then fastened together and onto the roof. Metal roof panels can even be installed directly over an existing roof, in some cases. This easy method of installation can also save on the cost of hiring a contractor or expensive roofing company to do it for you.

Customizing your metal roof

Steel is a common and clear choice for metal roofing due to is long-lasting durability and strength. Steel roofing can also be customized very easily. A steel roof can be finished with many different types of colors and patterns, as well as a special metal roof coating that can mimic stone, tile, slate, or other textures. This allows the homeowner to not feel limited by a metal finish, and instead make their home stand out with a unique and stylish yet modern, cost-efficient and reliable roof for years to come.