Brick Siding

Simulated brick siding for style and affordability

Many people like the look of brick siding on their homes -- it gives the classic look of brick and is sturdy and protective. Over aluminum or fiberglass siding, brick siding needs less cleaning and does tend to last a little longer. If you are lucky enough to live in an older home, your home may be built of brick or stone, anyway, but most people need to use simulated brick siding in order to achieve this look.

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Types of brick siding

There are several types of brick siding available. Traditional homes made of brick will be built with brick and mortar, but mortarless brick siding is available for those that don't like the look. Mortarless brick siding is made mostly of concrete bricks that overlap each other to create a tough, gapless siding. This is known as simulated brick siding. Some brick siding is concrete; others can be made of aluminum or fiberglass and have the appearance of brick, depending on your budget and the look you are going for.

Installing brick siding

Most people, when installing brick siding, will call a company that specializes in this job. The company will offer you a quotation and give you a range of siding to choose from. Brick veneer siding is fairly easily installed because it doesn't need mortar, and it can be placed over wood studs, steel studs and concrete structures. Brick siding hangs on the wall, so homeowners with even basic construction skills can install this type of siding if they so choose.

Those homeowners that don't choose to install it can get a break on the price of installing siding because they will not need professionals with masonry skills. Siding is quite affordable in this manner. Most siding kits include starter strips and window sills to get a do-it-yourselfer started. There are also detailed instructions included so that installing the siding can be a breeze. This can also make the installation of siding much cheaper.

Siding can really make your home look beautiful. Brick siding is a classic way to protect your home and update its look without breaking the bank.