Siding Repair

Should you repair or replace your siding?

The siding on your home will inevitably endure a few scrapes and dings. So if you are going to invest in quality siding for the exterior of your house, you should know what it takes to maintain and repair damaged parts to keep it looking flawless.

Aluminum Siding Repair

Aluminum siding is beautiful and practically maintenance-free. But when cracks, dents, chalking and corrosion appear, it can be an unsightly mess and lead to costly repairs. Most minor problems can be repaired without the help of a professional. Cracked and corroded areas can be gently sanded away and touched up with paint. A pressure washer can be used to wash away chalking, and a fresh coat of paint will bring fading aluminum siding back to life. More serious repairs may require damaged panels to be removed and replaced by professional siding contractors.

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Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl siding is prone to impact damage, melting in extreme heat and brittleness in extremely frigid temperatures. You can repair minor damage yourself with a scrap piece of vinyl, but matching the original color of your siding may be a bit of a problem – especially if it's old. A good way around that is to store a few extra pieces of vinyl siding from the original job, so you'll have access to the right color if repairs are needed. If you are not comfortable doing the repairs yourself, a professional will be more than happy to do it for you. But keep in mind that an expert may charge you $300 and up for the service.

Cedar Siding Repair

Cedar siding is an excellent way to add beauty to the home, but if damage is not repaired quickly, it can lead to more expensive repairs in the long run. If the panels are split but still in good condition, they can be nailed back into place and the split portion can be covered with caulk to keep water from penetrating it. Deteriorated and warped pieces of cedar siding will have to be removed and replaced with new panels. The new cedar siding pieces can be sealed, painted or stained to match your existing ones.