Why aluminum soffit is good for your home

A soffit is the piece of aluminum or wood that protects your home under your roof, between the roof and the siding of the exterior of your home. Soffits can include the underside of an arch, the underside of a flight of stairs, and the underside of any overhanging piece of roof or chimney on your home. While the soffit isn't directly seen from the curb, it plays an important role in ensuring that your home is adequately protected from mold, mildew and leaks. Wooden soffits were traditionally built into homes, but now, aluminum soffits are a better choice.

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Types of soffits

Traditional wooden soffits add a finished look to the underside of your roof, but they need painting, can warp and can mold very easily, creating a run-off problem with your roof. Soffit vents can also be installed to create cool, usable attic space, which is good for people wanting to utilize the top floor of their home.

Aluminum siding creates less work for the homeowner -- while soffits and fascias require repainting every year to seal the wood, aluminum siding eliminates this time-consuming job and creates a surface that is less hospitable for mold and mildew. Aluminum siding can be grooved, as well, to help rainwater and other moisture run off properly instead of pooling on the soffit.

Vinyl soffits are another choice for homeowners. While vinyl is not as long-lasting as aluminum, it serves the same purpose of eliminating costly repainting and repairing. A soffit vent can be installed easily in aluminum and vinyl siding, and many soffits are built to accommodate this.

Installing soffits

When it comes time to replace your soffit, installing your new soffit can be very easy and doesn't really require the help of a professional unless your roof is somewhat complicated. Most soffits come in pieces that are easy to nail to the underside of the roof. A professional may be helpful for people with limited construction skills, as they can install it and ensure that the roof is sealed properly to keep out animals and other unwanted pests.

A well-installed aluminum soffit can last for years. Consider going aluminum or vinyl when replacing your soffits this year.