Vinyl Siding

What you need to know about vinyl siding

Your home is your castle, and you want to do everything you can to preserve its value. Vinyl siding is one of the many options available on the market to add beauty to the home. But there are more things to consider than merely appearance when determining whether installing vinyl siding is the right choice for your house.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Homes come in different shapes, sizes and colors. For this reason, vinyl siding is available in plenty of styles, colors and grains to accommodate the needs of homeowners. Vinyl siding is durable, flexible, resists dents, and also holds up well in most weather conditions. If vinyl siding installation is done properly, it will last for years.

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Vinyl siding is beautiful and relatively maintenance-free. The color is baked into the vinyl, and goes all the way through the material, so unlike wood siding, it never needs to be repainted. The only maintenance required is a bi-yearly rinse with a hose and mild detergent. Vinyl siding does not invite termites or other insects to damage your home. This type of siding is also recyclable, so it's an eco-friendly option for homeowners who are conscious about the environment. And vinyl siding costs a lot less than wood and aluminum siding.

Homeowners who want the rustic look and feel but don't want to pay the hefty price of wood can invest in vinyl log siding. This type of siding is durable, low-maintenance, and installs just as easily as regular siding. Vinyl log siding is also waterproof, splinter-free and doesn't require staining, sealing or painting.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding doesn't insulate your walls as well as wood, so it won't significantly lower your utility bill. And if you skimp on the quality of your vinyl siding, the color will fade after a few years. Vinyl siding can also hold moisture under the panels, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew, but this can be prevented by adding perforations to the siding.

Vinyl siding is durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. But if it's not properly installed, it can hold moisture and cause damage to your home. If vinyl siding is the perfect choice for your home, brands such as Alcoa vinyl siding and CertainTeed vinyl siding provide the type of quality products homeowners can trust.