Bay Windows

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Bay windows offer a relatively easy way to add some architectural flair to your home. These window blocks bow out from your walls to create a bay in the room.

Beautiful Bays

A bay window structure is made of several horizontally oriented rectangular windows which are joined together at an angle. Bay windows can be multi-storey, but not matter how tall they are, bay windows make any room feel larger and provide much more sunlight than regular windows, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

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Cover it Up

With a bay window comes a bay window roof, which is a small overhang that protects your addition. Many come pre-assembled to fit standard-sized bay windows, so installation is relatively simple. There are several popular choices of bay window roof material, with the boldest being copper or steel. A copper bay window roof is a bold design choice and really draws attention to the structure. A steel bay window roof is usually made from 60 to 65 percent recycled material and can easily be installed over other roofing, if necessary. All metal roofing material is durable and fire-retardant.

Something to consider about a metal roof, however, is that it may dent during a hail storm, leaving unattractive and permanent divots. Also, over time, copper will become dull and may even turn black. It can be cleaned, of course, but copper is high-maintenance compared to regular roofing tiles and shingles.

From the Inside

A bay window is the visual centerpiece of any room, so decorate it as such! Bay window treatments come in all shapes and sizes. Floor-length shutters or room dividers offer unique ways to dress bay window areas. You can also install Venetian blinds on each pane, or try fabric shades for a softer, more casual feel.

As far as bay window curtains, a Roman shade, which is a cloth shade that rolls up and down against the window, looks classy and helps regulate sunlight and privacy. Try a valance on the flat wall above the window space, which helps separate the bay as its own little cove – an ideal solution if you install a window seat.