Picture Windows

Picture the perfect window

Picture windows are a stylish and unique option for any home. These large, fixed windows lack glazing bars, allowing an unimpeded view – just like a picture. When planning a new house or redecorating your window area, installing new or replacement picture windows can dramatically transform your view of the world outside your home.

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Select Your Size

Picture windows come in all sizes, but they are usually on the large side. When choosing the size and style of your new picture windows, consider your environment: do you live in an area with frequent, violent storms? Do you live in a hot, sunny region and want to limit the amount of sunlight that gets into your home in an effort to keep it cooler indoors? These factors will determine whether a smaller or larger picture window would work best for your home.

From the Outside

What do you want your picture window to say about your home? Do you want an octagonal window for a modern, funky look, or perhaps a more traditional rectangular window? How about two picture windows stacked vertically? Do you want to accentuate them with shutters? Glass can be tinted to protect against the sun's UV rays or even frosted for privacy. A picture window awning can also give your house a homey, welcoming feel while offering sun protection.

Insulated picture windows are constructed with two panes of glass; the space in between is either open or filled with a low-conductivity gas, such as argon. Insulated picture windows are a great choice because they protect your home from drafts; it's estimated than 30 percent of a house's heat loss is caused by window leaks!

From the Inside

Because the surfaces they cover tend to be large, picture window coverings can be expensive. However, don't be stingy – your picture window is, more than likely, the focal point of whatever room it's in, so you want to decorate it appropriately. If the window is small enough, Venetian blinds are a nice choice to regulate sunlight and enjoy some privacy. Also, consider wooden blinds or window shades, which give an air of opulence.

Picture window curtains are good for large or oddly-shaped windows. Draw-back curtains are dramatic and, when paired with Venetian blinds, very effective at blocking out sun. For an extra touch of elegance, try draw-back curtains that go all the way to the floor.