Window Awnings

Which window awning works best for your home?

If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive way to provide shade during the day without building a gazebo or other structure in your backyard, a window awning may be just the thing you need to create a shady area over your windows and patio. Window awnings are structures that are generally mounted above windows to shade them from the sun. They can be presented in a number of ways, including permanent or removable structures. Many people use them as a way to provide a decorative look to their home, as well, as awnings can come in many different colors and fabrics to suit your taste.

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Types of window awnings

There are several types of window awnings available. Rollup window awnings are normally used as a way to provide temporary shade at the back or side of a house, or over a window. They are installed above the window and either provides a manual or motorized mechanism to roll and unroll the canvas or fabric as desired. Other types of awnings include aluminum awnings, which are generally permanent structures. These are quite sturdy and can be taken down if needed. These are generally used as window shade.

Canvas awnings can also be freestanding structures that are mounted on two poles over the window. These are popular in homes where awnings are only needed for the summer.

Installing an awning is generally not a hard endeavor. Window awning hardware helps you attach the awning securely to the siding of the house. Many awnings come with detailed instructions to help you install them yourself, or you can call a window and door company to install the awning for you. Some awnings are freestanding, like patio umbrellas -- these are generally the easiest to install.

An awning can be a great way to add a decorative touch to your home and add accents without painting doors or windows. Whether you want an awning as a shade device or simply to add curb appeal, there are many different types, styles and colors to choose from.